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The Death Penalty: An Opinion Essay

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How will a normal person behave after this? Can a person not prone to violence beat his wife? All these questions are ignored by those who defend Willingham.

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One of the reasons for such attitude is humanism inherent in normal human beings. The moment the convicted person is punished is a turning point. At this moment people no longer feel angry, but rather sorry for the murderer. They subconsciously start seeking evidence of innocence, and if there is no, they will invent it. This was exactly what happened in the case of Willingham.

It concerns even Texans, who are rather unanimous concerning the death penalty. The Arguments in Favor of the Death Penalty The ethical question of whether the state can be granted the right to take a life of a citizen can never be answered decisively.

Everybody has personal opinions on the issue and personal motives supporting their views. A lot of arguments support the use of the death penalty for retribution. According to public-opinion data, Texans approve the use of the death sentence, even if it is not intended to serve the purposes of social defense.

Persuasive Essay About Death Penalty | Cram

However, the types of cases subject to the death penalty have been carefully circumscribed by statute and prosecutorial accusing practices. Almost always the death penalty is applied in the most shocking murders. It is frequently demanded and imposed in such cases, but is infrequently applied in other, less severe cases. Consequently, the death penalty has been shown to preserve the rules of proportionality, meaning its application is foreseeable, not arbitrary or impulsive. According to Jon Sorensen: To serve as retribution, and not mere vengeance, the death penalty must be applied in a manner that is fair and consistent.

Only through the consistent application of punishment can offenders receive their just deserts Those who support the abolition of the death penalty view the death in the electric chair as either immoral or unconscionable.

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  • This is the major moral question. Should a criminal who has committed a terrible act of violence with cruelty aforethought be treated with mercy? The answer is negative — the death penalty is far from being immoral. In this case, it is completely justified. The truth is that other, more painful methods seem to be more appropriate to most acts of murder. According to Louis P. Pojman, A society that is inured to watching violence in movies and TV but condemns parents for spanking their children as an act of discipline may not have the inner moral resources to discriminate between morally permissible and impermissible use of force Researchers at Emory University found that each execution prevents 18 criminal homicides.

    Scientists from the University of Houston noted in their studies that the Illinois moratorium on executions implemented in directly or indirectly provoked murders. The death penalty saves lives. There are many individuals, who are sometimes tempted to commit an immoral or illegal act. A normal, civilized individual is restricted by his moral and legal consciousness, fear of possible public condemnation and, ultimately, the fear of punishment.

    Conclusion According to an ancient tradition which goes back to biblical times, an appropriate punishment for murder is the execution of the murderer. Lewis, etc. All these thinkers considered that human beings, as rational agents, have dignity. The state should have the right to eliminate anti-social elements murderers, serial killers, etc. If a man is attacked by a criminal with the intent to kill, he has the right to kill an attacker. Human society is composed of individuals, and the murder of at least one of them can be regarded as an attack against society as a totality.

    So the problem is not the death penalty, but rather an unfortunate trend in all legal cases. Third, even murderers have a right to life. Does a murderer have more right to life than the person or persons he killed? The death penalty only hastens the inevitable. Opponents will also say that the death penalty cheapens human life. Some people feel it is wrong for the state to kill at anytime, but they do not oppose war. Fourth, Americans who follow the teaching of Jesus Christ believe it is morally wrong to take the life of anyone at anytime.

    Some people invoke religious reasons why they will not support capital punishment. If due process of law is given, then according to the very same document, life can be deprived.

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    The Eighth Amendment was made part of the Constitution in It was aimed at preventing methods of execution which tried to inflict maximum suffering such as: burning, drawing and quartering, and impalement. Lastly is the deterrent affect. Anti-death penalty supports claim that capital punishment has no deterrent affect on future murders. If the statistics are looked at from that angle a different result follows. Each one of the other sides seemingly solid arguments has an Achilles heal, and when it is exposed the argument loses much of its validity.

    The argument in favor of capital punishment are based less on emotion and more on rational thought and fact.

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    • According to human nature, The question is not do threats deter, but how much more does one threat deter composed to another. Society believes that punishment is a deterrent. Draper concludes if it can be said that any punishment at all is a deterrent, then it would seem to me that the most severe punishment would be the best deterrent This is what author Walter Berns had to say, take a moment to reflect on this hypothetical situation.

      If life imprisonment was the sentence for murders committed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and death was the sentence for murders committed on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, we would quickly see the deterrent affect of the death penalty.