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How to Answer Extended-Response or Essay Questions

Get her back with Read the three questions below. They are either too narrow or too broad. How would you rewrite these into better research questions?

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The IB requires that all research questions are phrased as actual questions. Statements, claims, titles or subtitles will score poorly on Criterion A on focus and method. In order to communicate the relevance, pertinence and focus of your research question to your reader the examiner , it is recommended that you phrase your question effectively. In other words, the wording of your question matters.

Best Extended Essay Topics: Ideas, Examples, Writing Tips

It sets expectations and captures the essence of your research. So which words should you include, and which phrases are better to avoid? Here are three research questions that are close to being good, but they need a little re-wording. How would you change these to make them for effective?

Print book 2. In this unit 2. Finding a subject Before you can write a research question, you must also think about your IBDP subjects.

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This may be a suitable topic for an interdisciplinary World Studies extended essay. Questions If you had to organise the 'topics' from the activity into groups, how would you label them? If you had to rank the 'topics' from the activity from 'best' to 'worst', how would you do this?

Six good questions

Define 'good' and 'bad' topics. Is there an interesting topic that you explore frequently in your personal life? Is there an interesting topic that you have explored in class at school? Can you already formulate a research question based on such 'interesting' topics? Activity Download the A6 cards.

On one side of the card, you see a rather poor research question. Discuss ways in which it could be improved. Then turn over the card and see how it was improved. Tip Good research questions are like good experiments in the sciences; they are controllable, measurable and repeatable. What variables have you controlled? How can you measure your findings? If someone were to repeat your research, would they come to similar conclusions?

Is the evidence you use to support your argument "superior" to evidence which might work against your argument?

Extended Essay Examples of Topics

Finding focus So how does one write a question that is sufficiently focused? Activity Read the three questions below. How does fruit ripen? How can B. Skinner's concepts of 'intermittent reinforcement' and 'conditioning' explain an addiction to the game of golf? Should the Beijing National Stadium be considered the eighth wonder of the world? Downloads A6 Cards with bad and good RQs. Tips Let others read rough versions of your research questions.

Ask them what they think your essay will be about. If you are surprised by their responses, your question may be too broad or narrow.

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How effective is How have the decisions of What is the role and significance of In light of What has been the influence of Can you prove Are we better off without What if everyone were to Is it true that What is the history of Tips Avoid questions that can be answered with 'yes' or 'no'. Avoid inaccuracies, such as 'very long' or 'far away'. Avoid poorly defined pronouns such as 'you' or 'we'. Avoid sweeping generalisations, such as 'since the dawn of man'. Avoid weasel words, such as 'some people say Activity Here are three research questions that are close to being good, but they need a little re-wording.