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Richard Cantillon's Essay on the Nature of Trade in General

Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Summary The Essay on the Nature of Trade in General was written in the early s by Richard Cantillon, a speculator and banker who had made a vast fortune during the Mississippi and South Sea Bubbles of Table of Contents Preface 1 Introduction 2 Historical backgrounds to the texts 2. Reviews "This variorum edition of the Essai , together with the scholarly material contained in the introductory chapters and the comments, represents a breathtaking amount of meticulous scholarship.

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Economic Thought Before Adam Smith (Chp. 12: Founding Father of Modern Economics: Richard Cantillon)

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The country you have selected will result in the following: Product pricing will be adjusted to match the corresponding currency. A cradle holds new life; and there can be little doubt that the Essai added new life to the organizing principles of economics.

Richard Cantillon (Author of An Essay on Economic Theory)

Indeed, he scrupulously avoided political issues in order to concentrate on the mechanics of eighteenth-century economic life. This book preceded Adam Smith by a generation.

Unlike any previous writer, Cantillon explicated the vital role of the entrepreneur with perception and vigor. The manuscript that was eventually published in circulated privately in France for almost two decades before; when published, it appeared under mysterious circumstances. Heretofore the only English translation of the Essai available has been the edition produced by Henry Higgs for the Royal Economic Society.

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Saucier provides a more accurate and lucid account, better suited to the 21st century. View the discussion thread.

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