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His information given to the Post was crucial in catching the illegal break-in into the Democratic National Party Headquarter at the Watergate Hotel Complex although his identity remained a mystery until for security reasons. The massive coverage by The Washington Post fueled focus on the crimes and investigations and exponentially increased the profile of the crimes as well as the repercussions.

This marked a new role for the media in providing unbiased information for the general public and not being influenced by federal regulations or government authorities-the media is thus able to hold the leaders accountable to the people they represent by exposing their actions and prohibiting abuse of power to such an atrocious degree. The documentary suffers from over-attention to Deputy Felt due to the timing of his identity uncovering.

The Forty-Year War on Money in Politics: Watergate, FECA, and the Future of Campaign Finance Reform

Although focus should be concentrated in the maligned actions of President Nixon and the subsequent repercussions of his actions while acting as President, much focus is drawn to the role of Deep Throat and his relationship in providing information The Washington Post journalists and reporters. However this needs to be taken with a grain of salt-numerous books and documentaries had already been made and the release of this particular documentary was to uncover in an educational and comprehendible manner the role of Deputy Felt.

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Because of his willingness to participate and provide information available only to him due to his high profile position in the FBI, justice was served and measures have been taken to make certain abuse of this magnitude is not allowed to occur in the White House and with those to whom the American people trust. The documentary does an adequate job in revealing the role of media and the corruption that was uncovered during the Nixon Presidency. The Washington Post and Involvement in Watergate.

Could it be that Watergate might become a footnote in history? Just as striking is how the Lapping-Percy team including producer-director Paul Mitchell managed to lure on camera virtually every important and secondary participant in the Watergate plot, cover-up and investigation.

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Other notorious Watergate figures who speak on camera include Nixon campaign intelligence head G. Haldeman filmed eight months before his death in November, and John Ehrlichman.

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What is, though, is the story of how Lapping and Percy arrived at their report. As the pair sit at a large glass table in a Los Angeles hotel suite, they occasionally look over at the man who blew the lid on the Watergate cover-up--former Nixon counsel John W.

A few minutes later, Schorr arrives at the suite and sits across the table from Dean--former combatants, now friendly partners in helping promote a series they both insist is the accurate account of the scandal. I suggested to them that the story they were trying to tell was phony.

So the series took nearly as long to make as it took for the Watergate scandal to unfold. When my two nieces saw the final product on the BBC, though, they were absolutely goggle-eyed.

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That was very gratifying. Howard Hunt, that included the break-in.

It does even more. Eventually, they tend to let their guard down and talk frankly on camera.