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There are online utilities that can convert a word processing document into the PDF format, however. If none of these services work for you, please contact Wade Lee-Smith information at right for assistance in converting your file. To submit your thesis or dissertation, you need to have your document available as a single PDF file. See the PDF Conversion box on this page for information on how to convert your document.

Submitting your document is a multi-step process.

ETD - Electronic Theses & Dissertations

Go to the ETD Submission page to begin. The OhioLINK ETD Submission form cannot accept special characters such as accented letters, greek letters, mathematical symbols, and some common punctuation added by word processing programs such as Microsoft Word. To avoid having your entire submission rejected, make sure that these are not entered at any point in your ETD submission process. In recent years, more and more students are publishing their work as Electronic Theses or Dissertations and making the publication available for free on the web. Often these are made available through institutional repositories associated with their college or university, or a network of institutions.

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Not every dissertation or thesis is available this way, and the less recent the publication date, the less likely it was made available as an ETD. Here are some places to search across a large number of dissertation repositories. You should also check the website of the college or university the student graduated from to see if there is any mention of ETDs. Arrangements for bound, paper copies of your dissertation or thesis can be made with Rocket Technology Central, located on the first floor of the Student Union SU, If you make such arrangements for a paper copy of your document, you are strongly encouraged to use white, at least twenty-four 24 pound, acid-free, 8.

A maximum of five title pages will be signed. Also, how to submit your thesis or dissertation electronically. Microsoft Word templates are available to help with this process. Once the document is in its final format as a single word-processing document, convert it to a PDF document.

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Pay special attention to formatting of any special characters. CometDocs Converts with embedded fonts.

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PDF Converter Converted files can be downloaded directly or e-mailed to you. This online utility does embed all fonts used in your document. This printer gives you the ability to turn your documents into PDFs. This composition for a jazz chamber group, is presented in partial fulfilment of requirements for the degree of Master of Arts.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations at the University of Illinois

The chamber group consists of flute, clarinet, bassoon, french horn, trumpet, trombone, This thesis will explore how I can reduce the impact of anxiety on my stage performance and how I can be more comfortable, while finding ways to be unique as an actor. For this effect, a range of methodologies will be The following document is an exploration in practicing the power of discipline in Theatre Yorks production of Orlando.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD)

This support document crafts a personal redefinition of discipline, examines the artistic fertility in This thesis documents my artistic process as a director for a production of Sarah Ruhls adaptation of Orlando by Virginial Woolf. The research and preparation for this process begins with Ruhls aesthetic and approach to Eat Me is a praxis exploration in how to destabilize theatrical form in order for an artist to speak their truth as fully as possible. Inspired by the Italian Futurists, this journey takes into account different forms of This supporting thesis document chronicles the exploratory journey of developing and implementing a nascent creative studio practice, resulting in the crafting, rehearsal and performance of a solo, multi-media theatrical Key aspects of orangutan picture preference, looking paradigms, and vision were assessed in three manuscripts.

These studies have important contributions to research on comparative vision and animal picture perception, as In this work a novel dual-functioning rotorcraft undercarriage is developed. The design is a reconfigurable delta robot which allows for transformation between Adaptive Landing Gear for vertical take-off and landing and The utilization of cameras in integrated navigation systems is among the most recent scientific research and high-tech industry development.

The research is motivated by the requirement of calibrating off-the-shelf cameras Contemporary ecological issues compound environmental communications primary challenge of raising public consciousness and effectively mobilizing agency to mount robust systemic and practical actions.

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This fundamental As the pharmaceutical industry moves towards larger protein-based therapeutics over chemically synthesized small molecules, there are increasing demands for parallel advancement in the technologies used for quality control The conceptual boundary between the subject and user parallels the boundary between humanist and posthumanist definitions of human being, and the challenges of new media communications technology today impel this evolution.

Wildland urban interface WUI communities are generally the most at risk of being impacted by wildfires. In order to assess the vulnerability of these communities, it is important to understand the impact that human Electronic dissertations submitted through this process will appear and be archived in the Brown Digital Repository BDR. A searchable historical database of information about Brown University theses and dissertations from to is available.

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